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I am a Witch, Pagan, and Wiccan High Priest. My experience extends throughout many lifetimes, and my job is to guide the Goddess's Hidden Children to Her.

There are many questions, and answers along the magickal road, and also one may find themselves in this manner, as I have found myself. Are you looking for yourself? Are you looking to begin the Walk of the Pagan Path? Do you need answers, or perhpas just some advice, and guidance? The Goddess has many mysteries for Her Hidden Children to discover. Are you one of Her Hidden Children? Through advice and counsel with me, perhaps we can get some of these questions answered.

Experience & Qualifications

3rd Degree Witch and High Priest of the Goddess; I have also spent 12 years in the study and practice of the Dark Arts, and achieved the rank of Seeker in Satanism. I have, in all, more than twenty years of Pagan and Occult experience. I have been called on numerous occasions to "feel out" someone's home for spirits of malicious intent, and once even had to rescue a person from there Oujia Board! I work on the emotional and intuitive levels, and have guided many students to their respective spiritual paths, even when their paths did not lie in the Wiccan Faith.


3rd Degree Witch in the Wicca, rank of Seeker in Satanism.

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