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Since the beginning of recorded history, man has felt the presence of a supreme being- or deity if you will, and named, defined, and characterized all of it's aspects. Theology has always held a fascination for me, and although I relate best to the ancien

I call myself a 'seer' since that is the simplest way to describe my skills, or talents. I can 'see' what is happening, and what is yet to come. I have always "walked between worlds", and have accepted this. Another way it can be put is to "be born knowing". Once I connect with a person, I can sense, or 'see' their thoughts, emotions, and what obstacles lie in their paths. I use cards to help define this when 'reading' or advising a client- and the connection with the client usually determines the cards I use. I use tarot, faery, druid, and oracle cards. Too often these readings come to pass- which is both a blessing and a curse. I cannot make a future, I can only advise on which steps to take to ensure happiness or peach. I am compelled to tell only what I see, be it good or bad- or else what gifts I possess will fade. So, please keep this in mind when speaking with me.

Experience & Qualifications

I began working at home, for friends and their friends, doing readings and summoning spirits. Teaching them techniques to bless their homes or children, and helping them communicate with dead loved ones that they wished to say things they hadn’t been able to say while they’d been alive. I worked for quite a few years for the Psychic Network, back when ‘Miss Cleo’ was at her height of popularity and for a while after that. I worked on the computer as well for a time, as a ‘psychic’ and also assisting various covens with their festivities. I also worked as an advisor and trainer to those who were interested in the field and just beginning. I’ve always ‘worked’ at home for friends and co-workers- not accepting pay, but donations when they insisted. I’ve also assisted friends and fellow travelers when visiting the ‘City’ (New Orleans) by showing them which readers/fortune tellers to go to, and helping them avoid frauds. Those of us who are gifted can always seem to spot each other. It’s a helpful skill.


I possess no formal degree in this- I was trained by a mentor and progressed, enhanced my own skills over the years. These skills are honed through time and exercise, and the more time I spend with a person- the better the connection- the easier things are 'seen'.

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